Is It Okay to Find a New Passion and Start a New Business Venture?

Is it Okay to Start a New Passion

Guest Post by A Young Legend


We all have interests in several areas, so is it acceptable to dip your foot in various subjects? The idea of expanding a business or broaden your investments may absolutely include starting a new business in another area. Ultimately, pursuing personal growth through a new passion includes finding a new venture or expanding on an existing idea.


I built a product one summer that helped me discover a passion I never would have found otherwise. This brilliant idea made me understand that any business I begin, must have a beneficial impact on the environment. I fell in love with the science and engineering side of developing an idea into a 3-D model. I will be majoring in Computer Science but I will be including the hands-on aspect of any project because that is where my imagination thrives. After several months, I realized how easy it was to cultivate a passion for environmental science.

Your current passion or business may help you discover knowledge or skills to develop an offspring of another. My mother found a passion for real estate and years later developed a high interest in photography. Although there are different aspects of photography, it can also be useful in real estate as well. As her interest expanded she now has considered a side hustle in photography.


New Passion Can Lead to Incredible Success


Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, an investor on the hit show Shark Tank, started out as a kid with a dream. From selling garbage bags to the owner of a bar, he has contributed to several areas of owning a business. After selling a computer consulting business, Cuban became a billionaire after selling to Yahoo. He now owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team as well as actively investing in numerous small businesses.


Jeff Bezos

The Chief Executive Office of, Jeff Bezos, created a business that would later push him to be the richest man in the world. He had a passion for space when he was younger and is now the founder of a space exploration business. Jeff’s young love was not pursued until he was able to save time from his other love, Maybe the feeling you had for another occupation was set aside to grow and meet the needs as an adult, then you can follow the appreciation for your childhood dreams.


Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary was not always a shark on Shark Tank, but a leading business man in educational software. Now as you may know from the show, he is the love man with interests in wedding companies and wine businesses. New ventures can evolve with passion as the economy and trends change to meet modern standards and life circumstances.


I think you have read enough stories to understand that evolution of a new passion could just be a way to personal growth. Sometimes I am asked if I would sell my original idea to a larger company and I believe that I might consider it because it would be a chance for me to move on and use the capital to fund my more expensive ideas. The quote “Think 20 years into the future and work backwards”, which always resonates with me. The first business I’ve started thus far is my blog, I did so because it required little to no money and I found a way to write about something I love. The blog is not my end all but I have developed a strong passion for it and its possibilities. With that in mind, eventually you could find that your main passion is business, no matter the products created, services provided, or content sold.


About the Author: A Young Legend is a high school and college graduate at 16 years old. She shares her experiences as she juggled high school and college, business, as well as investing. Would you or your child join dual enrollment if it could save you $40,000 on upcoming college debt with free books and the chance to graduate early? If so, click here.

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8 thoughts on “Is It Okay to Find a New Passion and Start a New Business Venture?

  • I feel like I’m one of those people that’s always wanting to learn how to do something new and starting a new project. I feel like if you’re passionate enough about it, you’ll find a way to get there.

  • While my interests (right now) aren’t that widespread, they’re spread out enough that I cannot apply all of them in my work. For example, I find it somewhat difficult to apply my passion for privacy to what I do. I work as an IT consultant, but not in areas that touch upon that. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, since I fuel that specific passion into my own blog, while working on others in the workplace.
    While this article gives some good examples, a few only work if you have money. It’s quite hard to do something in space exploration without it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to combine them sometime in the future in unexpected ways.

    • Friso,
      You have a great point. That is why I mention starting a new business that covers another area of interest that may include learning a new topic. I started a blog because it was the cheapest business I could start and I found a passion for writing, but eventually I will use the blog to fund my next business.

    • Aditi,
      I am glad the examples helped on a personal level and with the influential people we see on TV today. You are so right that we have to be flexible and willing to change. It that not what life is about? New curve balls and great opportunities come our way often and we have to be open-minded enough to consider the possibility.

  • What a wonderful post to read. I’ve been asking myself this a lot at the moment with my many, many interests… and I make a little bit of money off of all of them, but not much altogether because I’m constantly going back and forth. Thanks for the perspective!

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